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Shooting Themselves In The Foot With Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Bankster, Anti-Federal Reserve Propaganda?


We all know who the bad guys are. They are the evil, greedy, corrupt banksters with Jewish Zionist surnames like Goldman Sachs and the puppet politicians that they finance into power to serve them. So…why is the bankster owned mainstream corporate media monopolies producing TV shows and movies like Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura and HBO’s “Too Big To Fail”? Why are they shooting themselves in the foot with anti-capitalist, anti-bankster, anti-Federal Reserve propaganda?


Why is the “bankster” owned NON-mainstream media producing save-the-planet movies and movements like Thrive, Zeitgeist and Occupy about the big, bad, corrupt and greedy 1% that rule and abuse the 99%”? George Soros, alias George Schwartz, is the Rothschild agent who financed the Occupy Movement through the Tides Foundation. The “Thrive” movie was produced by the heir to the Proctor & Gamble Fortune – Foster Gamble.


The “Yes Men” movie was produced by David (de) ROTHSCHILD, heir to the Zionist Rothschild bankster fortunes. Zeitgeist was created by James Coyman pretending to be Peter Joseph. How about Theodor Seuss Geisel – Dr. Seuss (Zeus) and the new 3D animated children’s movie “The Lorax”? It’s all about uniting and saving the trees and the environment from the big bad corporations. How about Zak Goldsmith featured in the movie “The Economics of Happiness”? Zak inherited $600 million from his tycoon father, Sir James Goldsmith.


The leaders of the “save-the-planet” movies and movements are the offspring of the evil, greedy, corrupt banksters/cleptocrats with Jewish Zionist surnames. Are these guys giving up their fortunes? Are they resigning their membership in the 1%? Are they breaking their family oath of allegiance? Do zebras change their stripes? Not a chance! What’s wrong with this picture is that the good guys are “fake good guys”. They are pushing save-the-planet, anti-capitalist propaganda for one reason. To deliver their trusting believers and followers right into the arms of New World Order Communism.

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